Busy Summer Days

Busy Summer Days

Busy Summer Days

It still seems like summer just finally got here and yet we’re already part way through it. In the past few days a lot has been accomplished. The new rototiller has been cleaned, given and oil change, gotten a new belt, and had grease added to the gear box. The best part of getting those things done is that because of our new tiller our new bed is finally ready! We also added three new plants to our little orchard, another Reliance Peach Tree, a Jonathan Red Apple Tree, and a Concord seedless grape vine. Tomorrow I will include pictures and a write-up about planting them and our experience with bare root trees but tonight I am too exhausted. The last thing that has been keeping me busy is the weeds! They never seem to stop. I just weed a different section of the garden each day in order to keep things under control. You know what though? I don’t think I would trade it for anything. Not the promise of riches or a life of ease could keep me from this. I think I’m going to be a farmer.

Goodnight from Phoebe and the rest of us!

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