This fall has been nothing but hectic so much so that I really haven’t had any time to write posts but we have already accomplished a lot! We have harvested, canned, built, and crafted. 

Some of the biggest farm news is our new additions to the family. We have added five chickens including two Silver Laced Wyandottes and three Red Stars as well as ducks! We started with two Rouen ducks and then added another eight ducks: three Runner ducks, one Call duck, two Muscovy ducks, and two Blue Swedish ducks. Needless to say we now have eggs available. 

Surprisingly we have gotten several large bowls of strawberries in the last few weeks. I have had to keep putting off putting a thick layer of mulch over them.

We made our first batch of soap. It’s made with dried wild mint, coconut milk, coconut oil, and olive oil. On a side note see that lovely piece of cloth in the background? That was woven by yours truly and is definitely something I would like to do more of in the future.

We started our vanilla and it smells and looks amazing. I cannot wait to bake with it for the holidays.
This was our first year canning and I think we did pretty good. We’re all set on pickles and tomatoes for the year. Next year we’d like to try using a pressure canner for some of the vegetables instead of freezing them.

We got our garlic planted. We planted Music garlic and an unknown variety. Next year we will probably save them all as seed so we can pick up production because the original bulbs are fairly expensive for good heirlooms.
A clove of the Music.
Phoebe “helping” with the planting.

We planted the garlic in rows and then covered it with six inches of used hay from our ducks coop.

Now for the exciting stuff, our new friends. Three of them I named and two came with names. The rest we’re still working on. I will point out names in a few of the pictures.

Fili (the Rouen) and some of the others taking an afternoon nap.



One of new wyandottes.


Angel sitting outside the fence even though the gate is open.

One of the Red Stars.

Another Red Star.

Our original three girls hanging our by the end of the driveway. From the left Thelma, Louise, and Phoebe.

Pepper checking out the door to the new coop.
Ducks gathering at the pool even though I just dug them a pond.

Ducks in their new home (Lydia – front, Kili – black bill, and Kili – back)

Lydia – front and Fili – facing camera

This is Scott’s call duck, the smallest addition to the family.

Evie – front

The following series of shots is Fili and Kili taking interest in the camera.

Scotty’s duck.


Last but not least our fodder shock, traditionally used to dry cornstalks for animal feed over winter they’re now used mostly as decoration. Stop buy for eggs or talk to us if you want some corn stalks for your own decorations. Let us know soon if you would like to purchase hand carved utensils, vanilla, soap, large quantities of eggs, or winter squash for the holidays. Happy autumn everyone!

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