Start-up Expenses for a Small Organic Vegetable Farm

Start-up Expenses for a Small Organic Vegetable Farm

Start-up Expenses for a Small Organic Vegetable Farm

We purchased a used rototiller off Craigslist for $100 (you see more about it here). Our original plan had been to rent one but at $90/day picking up the used one has already proven to be a worthwhile investment.

Garlic: $10.22
Vegetable Seeds: $67.89
Potatoes: $5

Our seeds may seem expensive but we choose to purchase heirloom and organic seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.


We purchased two 25 pound bags of organic fertilizer for a total of $50.

$12 went to two bags of Lime each weighing 40 pounds (we have half a bag left).


We used fuel throughout the season to run the rototiller, the chainsaw, and to pick up things like manure and the rototiller in the farm truck. We approximated that we used $87 in fuel for the season. $12 for the rototiller and chainsaw and $75 in the truck (we only counted truck fuel when it was used for farm business).

Potting Soil & Containers

We purchased two bags of soil for a total of about $28 and different sized peat pots for about $10.


We started our seedlings under one light so we figure we spent about $5 in electricity.

Grand Total
These expenses add up to $370.11

Incoming Money
Throughout the summer we sold to friends and relatives and at a couple small farmer’s markets. Our total incoming money from May-August was $185.42. Not stellar but we have high hopes for next year and we’ve gained things besides money. We learned a lot and had wonderful experiences outdoors this summer. Through some weird series of events we also got two bars of homemade soap, a hand painted magnet, and one large but cuddly rabbit.

So here’s to next year! We’re going to cut expenses and market more. What are your biggest farming/homesteading costs?

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