Frugal & Natural Teeth Whitener

Frugal & Natural Teeth Whitener

Frugal & Natural Teeth Whitener

Sometimes our attempts to be frugal and our need to take good care of ourselves clash, think college budgets and ramen noodles. So when I noticed that my teeth just weren’t looking very white after a good brushing I started looking for different option. I knew that I didn’t want to use a harsh chemical whitener on my teeth, pay a lot of money for a natural alternative that may or may not work, or give up drinking tea.

So I started browsing Pinterest which brought me to several articles about people using activated charcoal on their teeth. The before and after pictures seemed really good so I decided to check it out next time I went to the store. Thankfully my brilliant significant other pointed out that charcoal from our burn pile might work just as well as activated charcoal.

Guess what? It did. It was amazing. Silly me didn’t take any before pictures but let me tell you my teeth were pretty bad. Now ever time I notice that they’re a little off-white I just rub a little bit of totally free charcoal on them and then brush/rinse it off. It’s truly amazing how well it works. Please try it!

What natural or frugal alternatives do you use?
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4 Responses to "Frugal & Natural Teeth Whitener"

  • I've heard of charcoal as a whitener, and considered using some from home but was unsure of what type of wood to use… it's good to know somebody else has had success with this method!

  • I have been searching for all-natural teeth whitening and your article about charcoal is the third I have found. Everyone says the results are amazing. I think I will give the charcoal a try until my next appointment for in-office whitening and report back how things panned out.

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