A New Family Member

A New Family Member

A New Family Member

It was a bit of a tumultuous rescue and it took me a long to get on here and write about him but he have a new rescue!

So without further adieu, meet Gandalf.

Gandalf was part of a meat rabbit breeding program and was scheduled to be culled do to health issues. Obviously that was not his fate. Though it saddens us that we can’t save all rabbits to Gandalf we know that we have made an enormous difference.

This story is ultimately what happens when animals are treated as commodities and not beings no matter how “humane” anyone’s intentions are. Animals like Gandalf deserve to live and live happily in a home that knows their specific requirements. Gandalf loves apple pieces, periscoping (standing up on his back legs), and snuggling in piles of blankets. He’s also got a very curious personality and how could you not love that flop?

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