Book Review Series #2 – The One Straw Revolution

Book Review Series #2 – The One Straw Revolution

Book Review Series #2 – The One Straw Revolution

The One Straw Revolution is the story of Masanobu Fukuoka’s transition to natural farming. Fukuoka started his career as a scientist but wanted, as many of us homesteaders do, to live a more simple, natural life closer to nature. Just like a homesteader Fukuoka took one step at a time finding his way to natural farming through trial and error.

Through his experiences he realized the importance of things like local food, local traditions, hard work, and simple living. He learned that good food is food that can be grown at home free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. He stressed the importance of feeding people on a local scale instead of a global one, providing farmers with time to grow their own food and for leisure.

The One Straw Revolution also discusses Fukuoka’s farming practices including grain growing and orchard management. Especially for the 1940s many of Fukuoka’s techniques truly were revolutionary and looked at as strange by others but they work.

The parallels between Fukuoka’s experience and that of a homesteader are numerous. This book provides some great information like why you shouldn’t prune your fruit trees and a look into Fukuoka’s struggles and resiliency. I strongly recommend The One Straw Revolution both for its permaculture techniques and for Fukuoka’s story.

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