How to Make and Use Manure Tea

How to Make and Use Manure Tea

How to Make and Use Manure Tea

Here at Rabbit Ridge Farm our space is limited. With only 1.25 acres total every square inch gets used. This often means that we plant much more into an area than is normally done so we have to work hard to ensure all of our plant are getting proper nutrients. Recently we’ve had a few crops looking a little yellow, meaning they’re nitrogen deficient.

One of the easiest methods we’ve found to quickly help this is to water with manure tea. To make our manure tea we use the following:

  • A five gallon bucket
  • water
  • rabbit manure (you could use other manure this is what we have)
Fill your five gallon bucket 1/4 to 1/2 full of manure. You want it to be mostly manure but it’s okay if there is some hay or shaving mixed in. Then fill the bucket the rest of the way with water. We have found this mixture works best if it is allowed to steep for a couple of days before using. You should stir it really well initially and then occasionally while it’s steeping.

To use it just water any plants that could use some fertilizer. I think we usually do about 2 cups per plant but you could use more or less depending on your situation.
Just an additional FYI it smells pretty bad so try not to spill it all over yourself like I often do.
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