Vonsey & Mouse

Vonsey & Mouse

Vonsey & Mouse

Vonsey (front) and Mouse

Many of you have seen pictures and heard about our latest adoptee Buns and heard about the bunny we acquired at a farmer’s market last summer but I realized that I have really never given a proper introduction to the Vonsy, the bunny from the farmer’s market, or his lovely girlfriend Mouse.


Vonsy was given to us at that farmer’s market after he was dumped on someone’s property. He’s really sweet and really big, weighing 11 pounds. After he came to us we decided he needed a friend and adopted Mouse from Live and Let Live Farm Rescue in Chichester, New Hampshire.

Vonsy likes his space very tidy and is great at using his litter box. Mouse on the other hand likes to make messes. She loves to immediately pull all the fresh hay out of their manger, kick their litter across the room, and generally shred anything she is given. Nonetheless we share in Vonsy’s undying love for her.

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