Last 5 Purchases

Last 5 Purchases

Last 5 Purchases

Most homesteaders aim to live simpler lives and make more conscious and less purchases than your average consumer, but we still buy things. It’s also perfectly fine, although being a modern pioneer sounds extremely romantic its not the same as being a pioneer 200 years ago was. For starters most of us live fairly close to stores or can order things online. Most of us also have commitments off the farm or other obligations that have come with modern life (like writing blogs).

While we strive towards self sufficiency we still have a place in modern life and that’s okay. However being conscious about these decisions is part of what sets us modern homesteaders apart. Today I am sharing the last five things I have purchased.

1.) Hand Wringer

This came from an antique shop and we payed $15 for it. The rollers are a little dry rotted but still work. This purchase I am really happy with because hopefully by this time next year we will be moved into our new cabin and will be hand washing our laundry. This wringer will be a big help and I believe that we got it for an excellent price.

2.) Corona Grain Mill

Another good purchase that also came from the same antique store. This we payed $20 for which probably isn’t as good of a deal as the hand wringer but I already tested it out and it works well. I am excited for fresh flour in our bread!

3.) Copper Tea Kettle

The last item I bought on our antique shop outing was this charming little copper kettle. While it may not be quite as much of a necessity as the first two purchases we will use it. I drink tea every morning and we don’t have a kettle. I can picture it steaming on the wood stove on cold mornings in our hilltop cabin. I paid $16 for it and though it may not be the best deal ( I probably could’ve found a cheaper kettle) it is good quality, beautiful, and a birthday present to myself.

4.) Orange Juice & Ginger Ale

Definitely not local, organic, or even a good deal, I got sick and went down to the local general store and picked up a not so healthy childhood favorite. Sometimes we all need a little convince and comfort in our lives. However I also drank some lemon, honey, and herbal tea mixture that a friend who just finished an herbal medicine course gave me and I am amazed to say that I got better in just two days while many people around here have been sick for about two weeks. In my opinion homegrown, alternative herbal remedies are definitely worth looking into.

5.) Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

These are my biggest guilt trip. I buy these way to often and a lot while I am up at school because they are my favorite study snack and we live so close to a little store. They’re not going to kill me but I really could save a lot of money even if I just bought them half as often.

What are the last 5 things you’ve purchased? What do you consider when you make purchases? It’s worth thinking about.

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