Living Cell Phone Free

Living Cell Phone Free

Living Cell Phone Free

Living Cell Phone Free


Alright so we do have a cell phone.

It’s just not the kind “normal people” have. We have a flip phone, tracfone thingy that gets minutes each month.

Scott takes it to work and we use it for emergencies like, “hun I need you to stop and pick up a 20lbs of sugar because I decided it would be a good idea to start making blackberry jam… and bread and butter pickles… and donuts at 2pm this afternoon without checking the pantry first.” You know real life crisis stuff.

Don’t worry I think he’s getting used to it.

But really that’s it. There’s no texting, no Facebook (on a phone at least, you can still follow us), and no apps. We don’t constantly check phone messages or listen to them beep. I think I’ve participated in a selfie like 4 times. There’s probably other things people do with their phones I just don’t even know about.

And you know what? It’s okay. I’ve never missed a great opportunity or not heard about a family emergency. We still connect with old friends and gasp, some of them drive out to see us in person!  This blog gets updated and worked on all *most* of the time.

Scott doesn’t text me sweet things all day long but occasionally leaves these adorable little hand written, scrap paper notes. Life goes on.


I think it’s worth it. We don’t have a cell phone bill and honestly being online can be stressful. C’mon you know it is. Plus it can be a huge, distracting time drain. We got enough of those around here already and most of them are furry and a heck of a lot cuter than anyone’s Facebook statuses.

Did I mention it wouldn’t work out here anyway? Yeah I guess we’re on a bit of a back road.

Let’s talk about you though, because even if you don’t live 10 miles down a bumpy, windy back road tucked in between steep forested hillsides you too deserve a taste of the simple life.

What would you miss most if you gave up your phone for a week?

Do you really need a cell phone to do whatever it is or could you just use your computer or home phone a couple times a day instead? Is what your doing useful or a time drain? Does it really help you relax or just add another item to your to do list?

Trust me it’s stuff worth thinking about.

Write down every time you look at your phone and for how long for at least two days.

How much time did you waste? You know all those things you always want to do but never get to because you don’t have time? Make time by giving up or minimizing your cell phone usage.

Visit friends.

Grow a garden.

Create something.

Read a book.



Life is great but only if you actually live it.

That’s my rant for the week.



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