Racing Towards Winter

Racing Towards Winter

Racing Towards Winter

Racing Towards Winter


Fall is a sprint.

It’s like that bite in the air that we wake up to every morning now speeds everything up. Spring is supposed to be the season that everything comes alive and autumn when we slow down and snuggle up but sometimes that’s just not the way it seems.

The creatures of the farm, of the forest, and of course us homesteaders are busy as bees these days.

A morning walk in the woods fills my ears with the rustle of leaves as squirrels, chipmunks, and those cute little mice scamper around gathering as much food as possible before that real cold sets in. The deer are busy too and just walking through those lively woods and the dogs and I ready to throw ourselves through the trees and run down that ridge line.

I’m so not a runner and at this point neither is my best furry friend, Angel, I mean she’s almost 15! She feels it too though and so we run. We run like the chilly air itself is nipping at our heels.

The homestead is full of activity too. The rabbits scamper about their yard like crazy in the evening moonlight and spend their days digging away. The chickens and ducks are molting and eating tons, I imagine hoping to be fully feathered before the temperature drops below freezing.

In the last week we’ve split wood, got a new chicken coop in place, finally turned the front porch into a usable and I must say, pretty sweet spot, tilled up a few plots for winter, harvested all of our winter squash (check the farm stand!), and finished the floor on our cabin. Our still in progress projects include getting the wheat planted, putting the walls and roof on that cabin, moving and revamping the hoop house, and finally putting electric fence around part of the garden to keep those damn deer out.

Plus there’s all that other jazz I just wanna do like make us some soap, or brew our own beer, or dare I say spend all day watching netflix and knitting. Yeah that sounds like what autumn should be doesn’t it?

No perhaps that’s a winter’s gig after all. So for now we’ll chase it.



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