Gifts for Homesteaders to Share This Season

Gifts for Homesteaders to Share This Season

Gifts for Homesteaders to Share This Season

Gifts for Homesteaders to Share This Season

Giving homemade gifts is such a struggle, for real.

It’s not the making that’s the hard. It’s the feeling like your gifts aren’t well received and trying to come up with ideas that aren’t cheesy or useless. You feel me right?

We’re not regular people though. We’re weirdos. We’re homesteaders. We make things from scratch all the time so we oughta be able to make some pretty awesome gifts. That’s why in case you’re feeling a little uninspired I spent like one hour four hours coming up with ideas today.

Not all of these ideas are homemade per say but they’re all gifts that will help you stop buying into consumerism.

House Plants

No houseplants are not unique to homesteaders. However homesteading has made me much more comfortable with all sorts of plants and through a little googling I learned just how easy it is to propagate plants like aloe vera, bamboo, spider plants, and many succulents. They may not have a real seasonal theme but many people love house plants and would love to have one.

Homemade Pasta & Sauce Combo

Seriously who doesn’t want to receive this? Homemade pasta and tomato sauce literally tastes like love. No, I’m not exaggerating and yes, if you’re gluten free and allergic to tomatoes I didn’t mean you and I’m sorry.


Can you think of something specific that turned you down the homesteading path? Wether it’s a book, movie, or even a trip you took to a local farm share that inspiration with someone else this holiday season. Who knows they may fall in love and you’ll have someone to geek out about canning recipes with.

Thrift Store or Vintage Finds

Have some friends who are down with you “use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without” lifestyle? I do and each year we often exchange gifts that we’ve found a local second hand shops. Often these are books and vintage housewares but I’ve also given clothing. Just make sure you clean up or wash whatever your giving. Just because it’s used doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.

A Map

Say what? No, not a road map a foraging map. Know someone who loves those chanterelles you find every year but doesn’t have the expertise to find them? Map out one of your favorite spots and pair it with a field guide. Here’s some of the field guides I use.

CSA Share

As a homesteader you’ve learned the value of homegrown food and handmade goods. Share the love with someone who doesn’t have the desire/ability/space to make their own by purchasing a CSA share for them. Many farms offer them (we’re starting one!) so check around with local growers. There’s also a variety of craft, soap, and herbal CSAs available for purchase on etsy. I haven’t personally tried any but a quick search turned up a lot of cool results.

Get Crafty

Here’s a list of 100+ Homemade Christmas Gifts from the Montana Homesteader. There’s everything from homemade vanilla extract to feedback totes. Check it out.

Herbal First Aid Kit

Are you a blossoming herbalist? Share the love with an herbal first aid kit. Put together some your favorite herbal remedies in nice basket or box. You could do this with herbs you gathered and prepared or ones you purchased. You can also work with a theme if you know someone who needs something in particular like a migraine sufferer or someone who has trouble sleeping.

Fruit Trees

Even your non-farmin’ friends probably appreciate a fresh picked peach when they eat one. Give a taste of the homestead lifestyle by pre-ordering someone a fruit tree, bush, or perennial plant for springtime. This even works for people in apartments (hello strawberries).

Backpacking Food

Do you have a backpacker, camper, or prepper in your life? Do you own a dehydrator? Consider making them a few dehydrated meals or snacks. Dehydrating food is actually really easy to make and anyone who’s trying to pack light or stock up will love it!

Compost/Manure Tea Kit

I know this one is super weird but I actually got one of these one time and any gardener will appreciate it as soon as they see how well it works. Just make the tea (without the water) in a fie gallon bucket with a lid for them to use next spring. Learn how to make manure tea here.

Your Expertise

Okay I know like every single list of DIY gifts says something sappy like, “the greatest gift is your time” yeah okay I get the holidays should be about more than consumerism. Listen up though, us homesteaders are in a unique position to really be able to offer our time. Many homesteaders have some really practical skills. We know how to make our own bread, darn our socks, fix small engines, or potting sheds. Many of us know people that could really use some help around the home and us homesteaders we actually have the know-how to do something about. So give your time but actually just show up and do something, no coupons for later 😉

Find some good ideas? Pin it for later.



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